The Simple Fix for Acid Reflux That’s Attracting Lots of Attention

Millions of Americans know first-hand the pain and discomfort acid reflux and heartburn can cause. While over-the-counter medications and strategic dietary changes can help many keep the biggest concerns associated with reflux at bay, some people find their symptoms don’t subside no matter what steps they take. In these cases, surgical intervention may be necessary to avoid permanent damage to the esophagus.

While several surgical techniques can prove very beneficial for combating acid reflux, a new procedure is gaining a lot of attention as of late. Known as the LINX procedure, this surgery is less invasive than other options and has been showing great promise in treating people with chronic reflux issues.

LINX is a device that is designed to help prevent the backflow of stomach acid into the esophagus. It is implanted into the body by fitting it around the esophagus itself. The LINX device is nothing more than a strand of magnetic beads. When these are fit around the esophagus, it allows the normal swallow of food by opening for the process of eating. It, however, snaps closed to prevent acid flow back into the esophagus.

The LINX procedure was recently approved for use in the United States and has shown a great deal of promise since its introduction. The relative ease in which the medical device can be implanted and the benefits it provides have made it a popular option for treating people with chronic reflux.

People who suffer from heartburn that is frequent and painful should speak with their healthcare providers for assistance. If acid reflux has developed, taking action to prevent permanent damage is important for avoiding potentially dangerous complications. In many cases, routine medications can make a great deal of difference. For those who don’t enjoy relief through medications alone, LINX and other surgical procedures may provide the necessary help.


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