Pros and Cons of Bariatric Surgery

Most people understand that obesity can lead to serious health conditions and life-limiting afflictions. Tackling this issue head on can improve health, personal appearance and even outlook on life. Surgical interventions can be especially helpful for those who are morbidly obese, but there are some pros and cons to consider. Weight loss surgery offers tremendous benefits, but it’s not the best choice for everyone.

Invasive weight loss surgery procedures, such as gastric bypasses, are generally only recommended when people a have a body mass index of 35 or higher and weight-related health conditions. Those with a BMI of 40 will find this type of operation is recommended whether health complications have presented or not. Other options, such as balloon and lap band procedures, may be available for those with a lower BMI.

Here’s a look at the potential pros and cons of moving forward with procedures such as a sleeve gastrectomy or bypass:

The Benefits

Weight loss surgery procedures have been proven to be highly effective in helping people shed pounds and keep them off. The benefits, beyond weight loss, may include:
• Increased stamina
• Lowered blood pressure
• Improved sleep
• Improved breathing
• Improved or reversed type 2 diabetes symptoms
• Reduced risks for diabetes, heart disease, stroke and certain forms of cancer
• Ability to maintain weight loss over the long-run, especially when more permanent solutions are considered

The Potential Cons

Weight loss surgery is surgery. In the case of a bypass or sleeve procedure, the operation is considered a major one. With that in mind, patients are exposed to all the potential risks that go along with surgery. Overall, the other potential cons are relatively minor, but may include the need for ongoing counseling in regard to diet and nutrition. Patients are also likely to find they do need to make lifestyle changes to support ongoing, healthy weight loss.

Bariatric surgery has proven itself very beneficial for helping those who are obese shed pounds and keep them off. To learn more about the options and their potential pros and cons, speak with a licensed bariatric surgeon or other healthcare provider.


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